5 Healthy Practices That Pregnant Mothers Should Follow

Pregnancy can be an exciting and daunting experience at the same time. Aside from the excitement of delivering a new member of the family, there is also the challenge for pregnant mothers to maintain a healthy pregnancy and keep the baby safe and well-nourished. That’s why seeing an obstetrician is a must for expectant mothers. Why not try this out to know how an obstetrician can help mothers during pregnancy.

In a sense, obstetricians ensure the safety of the mother and the baby during pregnancy. That is why, apart from observing healthy practices, a pregnant mother should also have an obstetrician that she can visit regularly.

An obstetrician will help and guide pregnant mothers during pregnancy, especially for first-time mothers. However, having a healthy pregnancy is a coordinated effort between the mother and the obstetrician.

Here are five healthy practices that you should follow when you’re expecting:

#1 Avoid stress

Stress is one of the main factors that lead to illnesses. As much as possible, pregnant mothers should stay away from stressful situations during pregnancy. Stress can have adverse effects on the your health which can affect your baby’s health as well.

#2 Eat right

When a pregnant mother eats, she eats for herself and the baby. Having nutritious and adequate meals can you maintain proper self-nutrition and provide enough food supply for your baby.

You should ask your obstetrician about your daily meals during pregnancy. You should also be honest about your allergies so that your obstetrician can give you a set of foods that you can eat.

#3 Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcohol has a lot of negative side effects on the body. In the long-term, it damages the liver and could lead to liver disease. But, the health risks associated with drinking alcohol further amplifies for pregnant mothers.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can affect your baby’s development. A disorder called “fetal alcohol spectrum disorder” can develop in your baby if you continue to drink alcohol during the early stages of your pregnancy.

This disorder can lead to abnormal facial features, impaired learning ability, behavioural issues, and other disorders.

If you have been drinking alcohol for quite some time during your pregnancy, you must consult an obstetrician immediately. Why not try this out to see an obstetrician in Willoughby, New South Wales.

#4 Take the necessary supplements

When you consult an obstetrician, they will most likely prescribe prenatal vitamins throughout your pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should follow these prescriptions to help with the baby’s development.

Drinking vitamins during pregnancy can reduce your risk of complications. It can also help you have a smooth pregnancy. Apart from these, adequate intake of vitamins will result to a cute and healthy baby upon birth.

#5 Exercise

Some obstetricians recommend regular exercise to mothers who would like to have a normal delivery. However, you should still consult with your doctor about allowed exercise routines during the phases of your pregnancy.

Some mothers perform the Kegel exercise or the pelvic floor exercise. This exercise helps you strengthen your pelvic muscles and reduce your chances of incontinence after pregnancy.

Being pregnant is a rollercoaster ride. But, the ultimate reward awaits after the nine-month waiting period. To keep your pregnancy smooth, why not try this out and see how Dr Janet Vaughan of Obstetrics Plus can help you during your pregnancy.