Why a Degree in Law and Psychology is Worthwhile

While in high school, a number of students are often at crossroads when it comes to career choice. Career advisors believe by the time students step out of secondary school, they should have decided upon the type of jobs they desire in the future. However, this is not the case with all of them. At the moment, most students toy with the idea of a law degree or licenciatura en derecho but are not sure if this is actually the right path for them.

Career choice is guided by two main factors namely, passion and high school scores. Most state universities require above average scores when one intends to study for a law degree. In case a student does not meet given mark range, there is the option to go for bridging courses. Bridging can be costly, but it is worth it for an individual intent on pursuing a career in law.

A law degree opens a variety of opportunities for someone. An individual with the desire to rise to the ranks of the Attorney General, Chief Justice and Supreme Court Judge must begin with a Bachelor’s degree in law or before taking a post graduate degree in the same field. It should not be lost on anyone that it takes plenty of time as well as dedication to have the required qualifications.

Apart from a degree in law, an individual could also explore a career in psychology. This is a fascinating field worth venturing into for one that enjoys working with people. Just like all the other career areas, one must meet certain educational requirements before registering. Below are skills gained from this course:

Assessment of client needs – The ability to see people or talk to them and know their state of mind or requirements is a plus not only in the social work sector but in a variety of other fields as well. Find out if pursuing a degree in psychology in San Luis Potosi can help one gains lots of skills to handle different people and evaluate their situations or needs.

Keeping Proper Records – Students could explore if a degree in psychology in San Luis Potosi can equip them with the needed skills to accurately keep records in various spheres of their jobs.

Expression of empathy and care – People in difficult situations deserve a listening ear and sensitivity to their feelings. These are some of the skills a psychology student should gain. Find out if a degree in psychology in San Luis Potosi is able to equip a student with these critical skills.

Act as client’s advocates – When clients fall into trouble, a psychologist is charged with the duty to help them out of trouble while working on modalities to help them reform.

Training for other career paths – A degree in psychology is designed to equip learners with the ability to work in other jobs as well. These include:

Sales – interpersonal skills learnt can be used in the sales department.

Librarianship – Having done considerable writing and research equips a student with the knowledge to be a librarian.

Social Services – With the skills as a psychologist, an individual is able to apply for the numerous social work jobs available at the moment.

With a competitive job market, a student has the ability to improve job prospects by pursuing a degree in law and psychology. You can also visit here at http://www.utan.edu.mx/ to learn more.

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