How to Start a Recycling Program at Work

With so much garbage polluting the oceans and landfills these days and with even more being added to the growing pile, it is high time everyone did something to help. Even the smallest effort can mean a great deal if everyone pitched in. At your place of work, you can start by placing a recycling bin for office in your workplace, or you can do one better and start a recycling program at work. More information at recycling bins for sale

Starting a recycling program is not as difficult as some people may think it is. A little effort may be needed at the start but once everything is in place, it can run like a well-oiled machine. You don’t need to send constant reminders and follow-ups. Having a recycling bin for office use is just one of the things you need for this.

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Here are some of the things you need to do to get this started:

  • Ask permission from your bosses or HR – Whoever calls the shots in your office, they are the ones you need to talk to. Make sure to point out how this initiative will actually save company money in the long run. You can also point out that recycling office waste will help teach people discipline, which is good in any workplace setting.
  • Create a recycling team – This should involve members from different departments so that you can easily disseminate information and implement protocols. If you put a team together, you should also do an audit of the office waste of each department. This will show your team the volume and type of waste they are producing. Overall, this will then help you put together your recycling plan for the workplace.
  • Identify and plan – Once you are done doing your waste audit, you can now plan what to do, what to purchase, and how to implement your recycling program. Know what kind of recycling bin for office use is best for your workplace and how many of these are needed. Plan an information drive for your office to let everyone know what needs to be done and how to use the bins that you will now be using.
  • Inform and implement – You will also need to emphasize the importance of office waste recycling when it comes to the dissemination of information. This is to ensure that everyone understands why this has to be done and why they need to do their part. Remember, a lot of initiatives fail simply because of a lack of understanding and lack of enforcement.
  • Partner with a haulier – You will also need to find a haulier that will guarantee they will bring your recyclables to the proper recycling facilities and your non-recyclables to the right disposal facility. If your area has a system where your government waste management office has a set schedule for the collection of these wastes, then you should find out what this is and stick to this schedule so that your efforts won’t be in vain.

Doing your part to help reduce waste in the world and to help save the planet from more pollution can be done with a little help from others and by using the right materials. You can make this even easier by using recycling bins that are already pre-marked and colour-coded for the right usage. You can find these bins at Ecobin, a company that manufacturers not only waste bins you can use for trash segregation but also informative posters that you can use with your recycling program.

Visit their site to find out what products they have that you can use for your program and how they can help you set your recycling drive for success.